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To mirror the frenzy of their busy social calendars, Geminis favor anything with a whimsical, fun pattern, complemented by playful, Surrealist-inspired accessories. At the end of the day, fashion is just one more outlet Gemini uses to communicate with the world around them. A true hopeless romantic, a Cancer wears their heart on their sleeve.

Preferring not to draw attention, this emotional water sign favors softer silhouettes with a subtle color palette of pale blues, grays, and shades of white. And although power dressing may be the current craze, Budd notes that come , Cancer will prove to be a powerful fashion influence, causing us all to get more in touch with our sensitive sides.

The One Outfit Your Zodiac Sign Should Wear This Fall

Leos tend to run late, because they spend so much of their time in front of the mirror, getting ready. Considerable thought and effort go into each outfit, making Halloween their favorite holiday. They also pride themselves on their wide knowledge of brands and are constantly on the hunt for the latest names in fashion. That one new designer everyone is talking about now? Chances are, Leo heard about them months ago.

Capricorn Style Qualities

There is far too much work to be done to have an exaggerated shirt sleeve getting in the way. And with their extreme attention to detail, Virgo will never exit the house without double-checking that no blouse has been left untucked, no shoelace is untied, and no stray hair has fallen out of place.

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Luckily, Libra has a very particular, refined style, so their frequent shopping splurges will still be put to good use years down the road. Scorpios love to contradict themselves. Their style can be both powerful and sexy, yet still very low-maintenance and simple. While some Scorpios take an interest in clothing, a lot find what they wear to be irrelevant.

They go crazy over embellished and embroidered fabrics, probably owning a flashy sequin dress or two. Perfectly fitting, considering they spend the majority of their nights out on the town socializing.

What does your birthday say about your style?

Longing to connect with a higher power, something greater than the culture in which they live, Sagittarius often chooses fabrics and jewelry with spiritual aspects to them, Budd says. Capricorn is all about functional dressing, this year especially. But best of all? Everyone else is amazed at how Capricorn always manages to look so put-together. Complementary Colors : Pastels like lavender, sea-foam green, pink, and light blue.

The Best Workout Style For Your Astrological Sign

Also, never turn your back on pretty heels. Seek out bold hues red is your best color , daring silhouettes, and statement accessories. Style : For you, style is synonymous with quality. Complementary Colors : Light shades like white, silver, and pastels. Indulge your sentimental side with vintage clothing and keepsakes. Also, on your next shopping excursion, pick up some silver jewelry.

I transformed into every zodiac sign based on this "astrology website"

You might be surprised by how much you like it. Complementary Colors : Dramatic hues like red, gold, and black.

Style : Your fashion sensibility is informed by a your taste for luxury and b your need to be the center of attention. As such, you should seek out bold looks and if your wallet can handle it pieces by designer labels. In other words: Tom Ford. Black-and-white is your signature color combo; look for it in a bold pattern like stripes or chevrons. Style : A true lover of beauty, you can appreciate a wide variety of styles.

Indulge in your natural predilection for luxurious, soft fabrics like silk and cashmere and classic, feminine pieces a Libra woman should have a dress for every occasion. Complementary Colors : Black; deep blues and reds like dark plum and midnight. Scorpios are known as much for their sex appeal as for their sense of mystery.

FASHIONSCOPES - Fashion Horoscopes with Zodiac Style

This season, try a pencil skirt with a zip-up slit or a pair of over-the-knee boots. Complementary Colors : Purple is the Sagittarian power color; light colors like peach, white, and beige. Style : Although you definitely care how you look, you put a premium on comfort. Your staples should include a good pair of boyfriend jeans, flowing dresses, and an elegant blouse.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

And be sure you have a handbag big enough for all the stuff you like to cart around with you! This article was published at an earlier date and has since been updated. Up next, 20 must-have black jeans to invest in ASAP.

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