Indastro virgo weekly horoscope

A job that demands quick action, risk taking and short cuts would never satisfy and help the cautious and patient Virgo.

12222 - The defining year

PR and marketing are also not very good career options for a practical, honest and realist sign like Virgo. Virgo is cleanliness and neatness freak and very sensitive to dirt.

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While choosing a job location, this must be checked beforehand. You may also like to read the Career Analysis Reading.

This is a very intuitive reading prepared by deep study of your birth chart for the matters related to your work place. This reading decodes your Career Growth Trajectory and helps you take corrective measures if something is found to be amiss. Year Try now Urgent - 24 hr Express Service days. Don't know your Moon Sign? Find it out instantly! Why Moon Sign? Why not Sun Sign? In-fact, Due to transit of Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn, this month are going to be discouraging. You'll find that your sources of earning may dry up if you are running your business and if working somewhere you will be under a cloud of uncertainty regarding your employment.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope

There could be a decrease in your income as well as your status. In business, you will try to enter into deals for making a profit, and those very deals could turn in to loss-making deals. This period will make you uncomfortable financially, and it will, in general, a difficult month ahead for you.

In fact, this is a time when you will witness indications of gloomy change in your career prospects. Chances of happiness and prosperity could evaporate suddenly in your life. You will find yourself filled with unhappiness, and your confidence will take a significant beating in this month. Horoscope from 29thSept to 5thOctober 2019.

If you would like to know more in detail about your business prospects in the coming months, then please opt for our Business Report. At the workplace, your enemies could become stronger, and you will be under the fire of your boss.

Weekly Horoscope

In short, some severe setbacks are in store for you this month. There are likely to be financial lulls during this month, where your prospects could look pretty gloomy to you. You should take care not to indulge yourself in speculation or other such kinds of risky spheres, or else chances of severe loss are sure. If you would like to know more in detail about your Career prospects in the coming months, then please opt for our Career Prospects Report. Are you facing any Career issues?

Like the change in job, problems at work, delay in promotion, not able to find a good job, loss of business, etc. Find an answer to your questions. Significator of Love Venus is moving over the 12th House from your moon sign, is going to offer some beneficial outcomes. Overall this month is going to be mixed for Love related activities and Lovers.

Account Suspended

You are likely to have average results in family relations, as there are indications of some difference of opinion and difficulties between you and your family members. If you are in Love, then chances of misunderstanding with your lover are highly possible. Avoid any confrontations with your lover, as the same is likely to backfire upon you. These will help you know future and take control Aries Horoscope.

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