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I referred to the large scale in terms of numbers. In most Muslim majority countries the young are more religious. However new converts essentially replace those who leave. The Guardian published a similarly odious essay about astrology recently. I think it probably has to do with many women having higher anxiety.

Actual control, no, but a sense of control, yes. I think a sense of control as subconscious reinforcement is sort of a hidden variable in people getting into astrology. People tend to turn to astrology in times of stress. Perhaps we can next expect a defense of astrology by Karen Armstrong, asserting that the Zodiac is merely another word for the Ground of Being or, as the astrologers prefer to say, the House of Being.

Unfortunate that Hitch never went after astrology: if he had done so, we would have been treated to a lecture on Thomist-Marxist astrology from Terry Eagleton. As it is, we can certainly look forward to a trend among the Woke to place astrologers in the marginalariat. There is a definite tendency for these things to follow closely one upon the other. As soon as it were to be confirmed by science, almost every astrologer in the world would be shown to have had the wrong version.

Actually, no astrologer works from the actual positions of the sun, moon, planets in the zodiac. They all rely on star-charts which are quite often dead wrong. They probably rely on the Ptolemaic system. The ones that come vaguely from that tradition, anyway. There are others, as someone pointed out above. Then test these individuals to determine if a significantly significant percentage of these fine folks believe in the efficacy of Astrology more on those days when they identify as female, and less on those days they identify as male.

Speaking of astrology and sex, as a teen-aged busboy, I went home with a slightly older waitress after work one night. We were working our way to the boudoir when she asked me what I thought about astrology, and I told her I thought it was bullshit. But I draw the line at copping to a bogus belief in astrology. From her point of view?

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This is going to be SO much more fun than just sack time! More in the nature of macrame wall-hangings and coffee-table-top books, as I recall. It was a long time ago, but a fish couch? Maybe depends on which species of fish the putative fish-shaped couch looked like? Oarfish , sunfish …. Angler Fish and Hag fish would be the worst but I think a salmon shaped sofa could be somewhat elegant if done right.

She was a principled lady.

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Not one of those ready to spread her legs in front of some handsome guy who mocks their deeply held belief. Imagine how difficult it was for her sacrificed love for the sake of duty. Maybe she still dreams of you. She liked me so much, that she gave me a free reading.

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Afterwards, she was quite deflated when I told her that her reading was quite inaccurate. BTW, she was 41 years old, and I was only 26!!! And on our first date, we visited a pond in inner city HTown, and fed the ducks!!! When I was young, randy and desperate you know, the normal condition of a young white male I would have professed a belief in the second coming of Jesus if it got me laid.

As the human brain evolved so did its capacity for pattern-detection, pareidolia, and agency detection — all cognitive mechanisms adapted from other purposes. Dennett and Mckay. The Sumerians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Indo-Aryans Vedic , Mayans, etc, all developed their governments, cosmology, morality, theology and teleology from their celestial observances. That humans would still retain, project and assign certain powers to these ancient symbols and imagined patterns is really no great mystery at all.

In fact, one could easily claim that astrology and religion share the same heritage and evolutionary origins. One can also eagerly foresee a time when religions are legally required to carry the same disclaimer: For Entertainment Purposes Only. Rolling Stone is not to be outdone! This planets gravitational pull had more influence at birth than anything astrology, perhaps the mid wife, doctor, drugs, had the final say. Belief in the stars is nice but more to the point, the stars of the universe function in creating life… getting real and leave the whimsical alone, for fun i would except.

Oddly, no mention that the best-known pop song about astrology is by an African-American woman. I was born in the year of the Pig, and the placemats say that I am most compatible with rabbits and sheep. In the past, when someone tried to read me my horoscope, I walked away. Now, no one tries to read me my horoscope, or to share theirs with me. You have to draw a line, and hope that your refusal will little by little lead others to drop the subject, and even to lose interest in it themselves.

Newspapers run astrology and Zodiac features for the same reason they run crossword puzzles.

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There are fans out there who demand them. On a related side note, James Randi began his career as a newspaper reporter. His editor assigned him the task of writing the daily astrology horoscope. When Randi sought guidance, the editor told him to just make up calendar referenced,vague horoscopes. People would simply read what they wanted to believe about their own futures. After awhile, Randi gave up the column. This all appeared a few years back in Skeptical Enquirer Magazine in a biographical series on Randi. Which I think is way cooler, as I can have a coffee mug with a lion on it. And that is the limit of my interest in astrology.

I like these ones. James Randy did a classroom experiment showing this long ago, and there have been multiple replications since then by others.

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The below video is incomplete I saw the original many years ago but you still get the idea. This low quality video cuts off prior to that occurrence. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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Sign me up! And last week In fact the first forecast, which read "values on [the Stock Exchange] and otherwise will appreciate after Thursday morning", resulted in the following letter to the editor:. Few of us in business believed such a thing possible under present conditions, but it shows that the action of the planets can be taken into account with some confidence. Fordyce Jones. The forecast about the R, Britain's great passenger airship, read "British aircraft will be in danger about the same date October 8 to 15 " 5 October page On 5 October the R was wrecked in a storm near Paris.

She was flying low, weighed down by heavy rain, when gale force winds blew her into a hilltop. There were 46 dead and 8 survivors. Naylor himself commented:.

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It can be proved that, whenever the new moon or full moon falls at a certain angle to the planet Uranus, aircraft accidents, electrical storms, and sometimes earthquakes follow. But the hit is ambiguous. Naylor's forecast said October, during which time no other hits were noted, whereas the configuration New Moon conjunct uranus was actually at GMT on 7 October, and the crash was at on 5 October when the Moon was 33 degrees from configuration.

Less ambiguous were Naylor's repeated forecasts of no war: "In this column, for years, I have constantly laboured these points: Hitler's horoscope is not a war-horoscope But despite the obvious realities, Naylor persisted with his views, which in the issue of 26 May led to the following editorial comment: "We are living in tense, grave days.

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